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Bobby talks about the history of 8 Wisdoms, where it comes from and why it is important to him. He has dedicated his life to learning and came up with 8 principles that he lives by to have a Powerful LIfe.

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Bobby interviews Drake regarding the 1st Wisdom: Physical. You want your body to be in good shape so that you can enjoy the journey of life without having to worry that it will break down on you.

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Bobby talks about his life path from a rock n' roll entertainer to corporate trainer. He shares some of his entrepreneurial endeavors and some of the ways that he likes to give back to his community.


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Speak Up

Professional Speaker's Studio

Entertain, Inspire, Educate

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Biz 4 Good Show

Podcast Series


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Book Publisher

Write, Publish, Impact

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The Success Podcast

The Most Significant Success Concept of All Time

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Lean IT

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B Rich Consulting

Creating Life

Networking to a Better You

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The story of Shinhon had me on the edge of my seat. I am also a big truth-seeker, so learning the lessons along with him gave me an immersed look at the 8 Wisdoms. This book gives more guidance in how to live life gracefully, and how to find peace. If you've read the Celestine Prophesy, The Alchemist and/or the Four Agreements, you will be amazed at how profound the 8 Wisdoms are. [...] Visiting his site, Bobby offers much more in the way of 8 Wisdom Mentoring. What a Way to Give Back!

-Kathryn Blaylock

8 Wisdoms

I think everyone should learn these eight principals. I liked the book so much that I bought copies "gift wrapped" for friends. You have to read the entire book to appreciate all of the wisdom that can be gained. Be sure to read all the book and discover the twist in the last chapter. It's a good, easy and fast read. Shinhon comes to life as you experience his trials and adventures. A must read for all ages.

-Delores Frost

8 Wisdoms

What People Say

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Two fun, adventurous entrepreneurs sharing their experiences of the real secret to success in business, doing all things with a BeGoodDoGood mindset. There is too much bad noise in the world. Let’s fight against the noise and flood the world with good news.

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To find your purpose as a speaker, you must know your message. Finding the right message is important for you to make an impact on stage. 

How do you choose what to speak about?

What is the difference between your story and your message?

How do you find stories that will move your audience?

Learn to Entertain, Inspire, and Educate with your Purpose.

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The Magic​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Bobby Glen James​​​​​​​

8 Wisdoms Master​​​​​​​

Accountability Creates Success​​​​​​​

You and only you are accountable for what you do and what you do not do!!

Do You Need A  Mentoring Boost?​​​​​​​