8 Wisdoms Daily

Changing the world of health as we know it.

Eating healthy is hard but what if it wasn’t.

What if preparation was a snap and sticking with the program was easier than anything you had ever done. 

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Eat Healthy for the rest of your life the super easy way.

I am Bobby Glen James and I have fought with extra weight and health issues all my life. I have a strong food addiction. I love food and always had a hard time with food. My body is very sensitive. I have been searching for the ultimate healthy food replacement that I could actually sustain and live on. There are thousands of supplements out there, but what I wanted to create was something that I could live on and be healthier than I ever have.

I have done every diet meal plan, fasting and cleansing, but I just wanted something easy that I can do for the rest of my life. 8 Wisdoms Daily Ultimate food replacement is the answer that I have been looking for all my life!

I have already finished 30 days on nothing but 8 Wisdoms daily ultimate food replacement, and now I am releasing the outcome one video one day at a time. You can see what it took, and experience the journey that I took to replace all my food with this amazing product. Currently 8 wisdoms daily food replacement is not available for public. However, we are working on creating a movement that will change people’s lives for the better. We will keep things posted here.

I wanted to create a food replacement that gave me everything I needed to live, and more. I wanted something that was ultra-healthy, created by someone that really understood balanced and whole nutrition. The person developing the food replacement has his Doctorate in Nutrition, and has been creating supplements for over 20 years. I have been doing the beta test. I’ve been telling him what I need it to do, and then he creates it.

This is not like Soylent. In fact it is not just a food replacement with all the calories you need, but very high in the nutrients that have everything you need to thrive. We like to say, “with Soylent you can live; with 8 Wisdoms Daily you can thrive”.

In this day and age it is so hard to eat healthy. The food is so processed and refined; it’s made to be addictive, so you will buy and buy, and get more and more unhealthy. I want to make a difference!

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